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外国人風カラー  |  2016.09.04

Styles to copy straight away☆ ALIVE’s real gradation coloring with highlighting “Your most fashionable hairstyle ever♪”

Hello!  It’s the hair salon, ALIVE.

Today, I’m going to introduce the latest hairstyles that have made over the past week by the Harajuku salon manager Oishi♪♪

Get the latest styles at our salon ALIVE from the experts in balayage and hair highlights!

Ok, let’s get started with balayage first 😀

・Sheer grege balayage

Speaking of the European style balayage, the one you would want to try is the sheer grege.  The cool color taste will look effortless☆  It is a great gradation coloring that could have someone transfixed on your back!  It is also recommended for anyone who likes to check the daily fashion of overseas models♪

・Pearl vale balayage

This pearl vale gradation color is popular and Europeans like the color♡  The color makes the hair look soft and gives it a certain nuance, so this really makes a hairstyle that people would want to touch.  With this color, you can style your hair in a lady like fashion or give it a cool coordination.

Lavender grege balayage

The above is a design that showcases both the good points of the dulled gradation color trend ‘grege’ along with its transparency and shine topped off with ‘a lavender color’♪  Both colors control the yellow color tone, so it gives off a cool and sophisticated impression

・Ocean blue balayage

This is recommended to anyone who wants to take the lead in a new trend and distinguish themselves from others.  Bleach the hair ends a few times and put the color on!  If you select this deep ocean blue to put on, you’ll get a modern and ‘well fitted’ finish♪

Platinum grege balayage

This is a style that is shiny from the grege plus platinum color.  It gives your hair a good amount of style on the whole with a cool tone, which increases its sexiness♡  This is the color to try if looking for an easy option as you won’t have to be picky with clothing and makeup so much with this natural gradation and the color.

Let’s check color highlights next

L.A. ash balayageThis L.A. ash balayage color gives the hair a European type look with natural hair bundles.  It’s actually all about the hair dresser’s skill and technique♡  It is a beautiful color highlight with a European style with fine flowing and full of L.A. mood coloring♪

・Platinum beige highlight This is the platinum beige that gives a modern finish as well as a natural platinum beige highlight.  The highlight gives solidity on top of the color and makes it slightly sexy.  The loose hair under the tied up hair has more pheromones♡  It’s an absolutely high score on both the freedom of the hair arrangement and its attractiveness. 🙂

・Silver vale highlightThis is the silver vale highlight color that is lady like and cool.  It is a hairstyle that suits this year’s trend of coordination between gray color fashion and nice women style♡  Why don’t you tingle the curiosity of people around you with a refined ladylike image change?!

・Dark grege highlightThis latest ‘modest’ grege style has been completed♪ This is a dark grege but with a highlight tone that is lowered down.  The contrast of the base color and high tone is outstanding, this is an effortless and adult like highlighting!

I hope you enjoyed the article today? 🙂  The good point of highlights and gradation coloring is having no problems with blending and looking trendy even with a simple T-shirt and denim style!  The superb color tone nuance and balance is most important, so please allow us to handle it. :-))  We are looking forward to seeing you at Omotesando salon in Harajuku!

Also, Murasaki shampoo has been released, too, and this shampoo can soften the glaring orange tone!  It will be useful for keeping a beautiful color!  Please check this article out as well, “Finally, Murasaki shampoo has been released from ALIVE☆”.  Thank you.

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